The factory has over 70 ultra-modern machines and conveyor belt systems to reduce the labor intensive work of manufacturing.

  • The Factory has a dedicated section for metal works and a new expanded upholstery department.The testing labs are on site and having all these verticals under one roof opens new room for explorations and imagination. Different materials can be cul- minated with each other with varied techniques and concepts

Glues and lacquers used in the manufacturing are as per EU standards, the entire manufacturing process is laid down and based on highest certifications. Basant has grown into a company of 500 + employees and another 250 + skilled artisans on the shop floor

Craft gives soul to every product

At Basant, we pride ourselves in actively being a part of an ongoing effort, to preserve the heritage of Jodhpur, skilled craftsmen and women from across various parts of jodhpur are the core of our workforce. These craftsmen are equipped with knowledge passed down through generations